We are a local group from the Dallas metroplex . Our group was formed in May 2000 and consists of Marilyn Calder, Janet Gentle and Janey  Tanksley.  We have all been involved in Southern Gospel music for many years. We are very excited about how God is using us and we are honored to be a part of the many miracles He is performing thru our ministry.

Hello, my name is Marilyn Calder. I sing lead and harmonies in the group. I have been singing since I was five years old. My sister and I grew up in front of the church singing with our mom playing the piano. I was born and raised in Mesquite, Texas and currently reside in Crandall with my beautiful daughter Heather and our two cats! Music has always been a major influence in my life.I have never been able to shake the call of God on my life to be out ministering to other people. The Lord blessed me with the privilege of being a part of this group and the honor of singing with people who share the same heart for ministry as I do.

Hello, my name is Janet Gentle. I would like to tell you a few things about myself. I was born in Dallas, Texas and was raised by two of the most loving and caring Christian parents anyone could ever ask for, Jonah and Vivian Denham. I've been married to my husband, David for 40 years. We have three grown children, Steven, Tina and Daniel. God has blessed us with 7 grandchildren. I sing alto for our trio and I love singing. I have been singing since I was very young. My early years, I sang with the Pilgrimettes, in my teen years I was with the Harmonettes and later with the Jimmy Todd Trio and with the Denham Family which was my dad, younger sister, Janey, who is also with Trusting Hymn. God has been so good to me and is blessing my life greatly every day. My God is real!

Hello, my name is Janey Tanksley. I have been singing gospel music since I was old enough to talk. I have always sang with my older sister and best friend, Janet. That is how I met my loving husband, Gary. It was through this marriage that I became the aunt of Marilyn, my best friend also. Gary and I have two wonderful sons, Billy and Jason. God has given us two wonderful daughters-in-law, Livi and Melissa. Livi and Billy have a daughter, Emma and two sons, Brett and Kyle. Jason and Melissa have twin boys, Camden, Hayden and Caleb. When we are not ministering I enjoy watching the grandkids play sports and cheering as well as spending time with my family. Please keep Janet, Marilyn, and myself in your prayers for our ministry.